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Knowledge Assist

Definition:                                                                                                                              . 

Knowledge Assist is a platform designed to assist start-ups and small businesses to equip with bookkeeping, tax and financial information. We see many small businesses do not have resources of an expert team behind them or credible financial information to build a successful business. This is where knowledge assist will self-educate and supply you with highly intelligent information in regard to taxes, bookkeeping and business tips. 


A single subscription will give you an access to all the resources that is needed to build and sustain the growth of your business. Knowledge Assist will not only save you time and money but will reduce risk associated with non-compliance and help you better understand our Australian laws. 


The story:                                                                                                                               . 


Knowledge Assist came about from my experience dealing with many start ups and small business in the years of my business.

Most small business owners and individuals do not know how to find credible information about business and personal taxes. Of course, we have ATO site, but if most of you have been there already would know, that ATO website is not the most friendly or easy site to manover. Then how do you find solutions to your questions. This is where I saw the gap to launch an education platform to enable credible information that is easy to understand.

Knowledge Assist is a very new concept that my team is still refining regarding the content and the way it will work. It is definitely not a platform to replace your accountants or advisors, but a tool to self-educate yourself with Australian tax laws and some business tips. There will be no legal or tax advice given to personal situation or circumstance. It’s purely a training and education platform. 


The goal:                                                                                                                              . 

The ulimate goal of Knowledge Assist is to create a reasonable paid memebership platform, where relevant content, tutorials and webinars on special topics are avaiable for members to access 24/7.


100% of the profits from Knowledge Assist membership will go to a charity organisation, to support our young disadvantage Australian kids to get education for free.


Knowledge Assist platform proposes:                                                                   . 

  • A monthly webinar on special topics
  • A monthly Q&A after the webinar
  • Special podcast with our Guest speakers
  • Valuable tutorials of bookkeeping systems like Xero and MYOB
  • Blogs and information templates.
  • And some inspirational and mindful quotes